At Battle of the Barbells, we are determined to provide a top notch, high quality experience for the athletes, volunteers, and spectators. We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that we made a few changes. More details to come but here are the highlights.

The format will still be an individual only 2 day competition, however we have added a third division, as well a team concept.

The Elite division for the 2015 Battle of the Barbells is designed with the Region’s top athletes in mind. Athletes can expect to be tested by a variety of high skill and high load movements across broad time and modal domains. In order to be considered for this division, athletes should meet the following criteria :
– Male – Top 500 in the 2015 Crossfit Games Open
– Females – Top 300 in the 2015 Crossfit Games Open
– Athletes that have competed individually or on a team at the Crossfit Games Regionals in the last 2 years

Didn’t do the open this year? Or fall outside of the qualification but think you have what it takes to compete at this level? Email and tell us why we should consider you for our Elite division, please include relevant competition experience. Athletes who meet the criteria, decided by our staff, will be invited to compete in this division.

The RX division for the 2015 Battle of the Barbells will be the same level of competition as the previous two years. Athletes will be tested on movements and WODs similar to Regionals, however weights will be moderate and gymnastics movements will be similar to the past two years of our competition.

Athletes competing in the Scaled Division for the 2015 Battle of the Barbells can expect the same level of competition as the past two years. Weights will be light to moderate and most gymnastics movements will be scalable. This division is also perfect for first time competitors.

Even though this is not a true team division, each gym has the ability to compete for our new “FITTEST BOX” award. Each gym will earn points based off of their athletes performance during the two days. The higher your athletes place, the more points your gym earns. (Gyms must have a minimum of 5 athletes competing in order to be eligible) NOTE: RX placings will be worth more points than Scaled placings.

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